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International Medical Conference October 2009

Anaheim California

Sathya Sai Global Health Mission was published as part of the International Medical Conference held in Anaheim California, October 2009. The contents of the book are available below.

PDF files:

Front cover


  1. 1.Sri Sathya Sai Medical Institutions in India: Crest Jewel of Ideal Healthcare

  2. 2.Preventive Healthcare and Public Health

  3. 3.Medical Camps

  4. 4.Medical Clinics

  5. 5.Disaster Relief

  6. 6.Rehabilitation Programmes

  7. 7.Sri Sathya Sai International Centre for Medical Services

  8. 8.Medical Conferences and Seminars

  9. 9.Vision for the Future

Healing with Love
Back cover


Watch the distinguished speakers from the Sathya Sai ideal Health Care Conference, 2009 available on

Conference Posters


  1. 1.Principles of Sathya Sai Ideal Healthcare  pps

  2. 2.Sri Sathya Sai Medical Institutions in India: Crest Jewel of Ideal Healthcare  pps

  3. 3.Preventive healthcare pps

  4. 4.Medical Camps pps 

  5. 5.Medical clinics  pps 

  6. 6.Disaster relief  pps 

  7. 7.Vision for the future: Telehealth, Sri Sathya Sai Mobile Hospital  pps